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Why psychic readings are so popular?

Why psychic readings are so popular?

In my experience it all boils down to one thing.. they are not in the right space to recognise their own sixth sense. We all have our own ‘inner guidance system’ but unfortunately very few of us tend to nurture this part of ourselves. We are either too busy, too stressed, too hyper or unaware we even have one! If self-esteem and confidence is low let’s be honest why would we listen to ourselves! when we feel we have made wrong decisions ‘why would we even consider trusting our next one?’

When clients come to me for a reading or coaching, it’s a holistic experience. Yes I love using cards (considering I have been collecting them for well over 20 years, it seems daft not too). But usually the cards are drawn after the intuitive conversation and guidance given. For me, using cards just emphasises what we have been talking about or sometimes throws up a whole new ball game, which is fine. Just bringing a new perspective and shining a light on what is really going on is sometimes all one needs.

I don’t do spreads and I don’t do traditional tarot. I use my own colour cards and coaching cards, Psychic Tarot (similar to tarot but fabulous cards), Angel and Oracle cards depending on how I feel.

How to get the most from a Psychic Tarot Reading…

Come with an open mind and embrace a new experience

Trust that the guidance you are given is for your highest good.

Ask questions – I love working this way as guidance flows when we are interactive

Make notes! – I always supply a notebook and pen because if you are anything like me, the moment you leave you will have forgotten what was said!

Relax and enjoy –  this is your time and space

And most importantly of all… take action on the guidance given because if you don’t it will have been a waste of your time and money. xx

What not to do in a Psychic Reading…

Sit with your legs crossed and arms folded

Sit in silence and play ‘test the psychic’ Oh yes, I have had this experience – it all went well in the end when I offered the lady her money back and she decided she did want a reading after all!

That’s it.

Contact me if you would like a Psychic Reading or you wish to know more.