Angels are always with you, just sit in silence for a few moments and ask for guidance. Be ready to act on the intuitive guidance you receive. Heidi Wells, Psychic Clairvoyant and Happiness Coach. To book an appointment with Heidi Wells Psychic Clairvoyant and Happiness Coach in Twickenham or via Skype call 020 8894 7343 / 0771 4257461

Signs from Spirit

Signs from Spirit – Spirits, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones

Signs from Spirit – These are just a few explanations of what you may experience from the parallel World:

Have you ever been all alone in your home and all of a sudden you hear a noise? Or there is a familiar scent in the air and a feeling that something isn’t quite right that you just can’t put your finger on? Or maybe the scent reminds you of someone who has passed over. The answer is quite simple: SPIRITS (deceased loved ones that surround us each and every day). I like to call them the folk from UPSTAIRS.

Whilst driving have you ever thought-oh I won’t take that road I will go this way instead and not long after you have made that last minute decision you hear of an accident!

Some people are very sensitive to these vibrations. Have you ever had the hair on your neck stand up following a feeling that someone is watching you or near you but you look and no one’s there? Or have you ever felt a tingling on the top of your head as if a spider is crawling through your hair? Or you know you’ve put your keys in the same place that you always do, only to find them somewhere else? And all of a sudden they appear and you think to yourself, “Wow, this is weird!” Do the lights flicker or go on and off without no reason? Does a door open and close by itself? You’re not crazy and you’re not imagining things. These things do exist—they’re spirit guides and your loved ones that want you to know they’re with you, watching over and protecting you.

First, don’t be afraid. Simply talk to them because they can hear you. You may feel their presence more so if you’re going through a hard time or some type of an issue that you feel that there’s no solution to. Spirits are there to guide you—hence SPIRIT GUIDES. Ask them for guidance and they’ll be there to help you through whatever you’re experiencing! Believe in your own ability to connect with your loved ones and embrace their presence as they are there for you!

Written by my lovely friend Lynne Caddick x