Colour Therapy Glasses UK

Instant Colour Therapy! Colour therapy glasses UK. Would you like to feel happier, less stressed or more focused? Just choose the appropriate colour therapy glasses for your needs. Free postage for colour therapy glasses in the UK only.

RED: Strength, pioneering spirit, courage, physical energy, alertness, sense of power

Wake up and still feel tired? then red is the colour for you. If you need more physical strength and vitality your root chakra could do with some help. If you’re have trouble reaching your goals, procrastinate or lack motivation these glasses will help. Red is the colour of the root chakra which builds your inner confidence and the willpower to participate in life and manifest your dreams into reality. Red gives you that extra push.


ORANGE: Social confidence, cheerfulness, resourcefulness, joyfulness

Connect to your creative, feminine energy with orange colour therapy glasses (guys too!). If you’ve been repressing your emotions, feel burdened by guilt or resentment or suffering depression you need orange. Orange feeds your inner child with an unbridled enthusiasm and immense joy for life. Recharge your happiness centre and face life with a positive attitude so you can live in the ‘now’. Wearing these glasses really does make you feel happy and alert.


YELLOW: Focus, concentration, mental clarity, memory, optimism

Bring in the sunny energy of the Yellow to brighten up you Solar Plexus centre. You need focus and mental clarity to push your ideas into reality and that is where yellow can help. If you’ve been having problems with your digestive system this is also sign that your solar plexus is out of whack. Yellow colour therapy glasses also help you release rigid or needless thoughts and has huge benefits if you are studying.


GREEN: Balance, peace, stress reduction, calm, self control, hope

Green is the colour of love and balance and a time to nurture yourself. If you have been giving more to others than to yourself then your Heart Chakra may have been neglected. Indecisiveness, lacking judgement, feeling unworthy or fear of letting go mean you need more green energy immediately. Feel the Green’s love recharge your heart centre and anchor the life force from the higher self. Green colour therapy glasses have an immediate effect and are so soothing.


BLUE: Mental relaxation, peace, calm, clear communication OUT OF STOCK

If you are having trouble confronting the truth or have been hard on yourself, tap into the power of Blue’s energy. Blue builds up your confidence to express yourself and your inner truth. Connecting you to your higher knowingness in which the universal law of truth exists. I love the blue colour therapy glasses as the moment you put them on you are taking a step back from the stress and strains of everyday life.

INDIGO: Imagination, accurate perception, understanding, deep sleep

Indigo governs the pineal gland which controls the sleep centre so if you are not getting good rest this will be the colour for you. Cynical, intolerant and frustrated behaviour may reflect a need to balance this chakra. The Third Eye Chakra is the centre of psychic ability and meditation so use Indigo colour therapy glasses when you need to get back to humanity. Nourishes your mind, nerves and soul. I have also had good results for headaches with this colour.


VIOLET: (Purple) Inspiration, calms nerves, reduces irritation, creativity

Use Violet to cleanse your thoughts and emotions. Violet is the spiritual centre and connects us to the Divine. If you have been feeling in a ‘rut’, or ‘put down’ Violet can help restore perspective. Use this inspirational energy to boost creativity. Feel thoughts, negative feelings melt away and enhance your mental function. Not as popular as some colours but I find these glasses pretty amazing and it is hard to describe quite how you feel apart from inspired.


MAGENTA (rose): Relaxing, soothing, gentle, balance your emotions

BAKER-MILLER PINK: Calms aggression, stress relief, appetite suppressant

Pink and the balanced Heart Chakra help you to reconnect to your life purpose. Pink is the colour of Universal love, so if you are feeling disconnected from others, you are disconnected from yourself. Use the beautiful pink ray to understand and remember why you are here. Unconditional love for others and one’s self are supported by Pink. These glasses are a particular shade called Baker Miller, this colour was used in prisons to calm inmates! It is such a soothing and loving colour to wear and relieves stress.


TURQUOISE: Soothing, openness, confidence, relaxation

If you need to express your emotions regarding a situation this colour will help. This soothing colour helps you to communicate from the heart. The mix of loving green and expressive blue strengthens your ability to speak your heartfelt emotions. Feel the Turquoise energy recharge your Thymus Chakra.

Colour Therapy Glasses work – give them a try.

Disclaimer: Colour Therapy is a complementary therapy and is in no way to be taken as medical advice – please seek professional guidance for any medical conditions.