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Psychic Tarot – My Favourite Deck

Psychic Tarot by John Holland – My Favourite Deck

Having studied a little traditional tarot, I found that it wasn’t really for me. So in my search for the perfect deck I came across John Hollands ‘Psychic Tarot’ Deck and it immediately resonated with me.

The colours, symbology, shapes and words immediately tap into my intuition and I love the addition of the chakra cards.

A little bit about my favourite ‘Psychic Tarot Deck’ 65 beautiful cards which connect to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life. Here is a little more information about the cards. Although this is just one aspect of your reading, I use clairvoyant and my psychic ability and sometimes don’t use cards at all – it just depends on your needs.

The Minor Arcana

Representing business, finances, money, prosperity, earthly possessions, material gain or loss and security.

Representing relationships of the heart, feelings, desires, emotions, love and joy.

Representing communication, thoughts, intellect, ideas, the working of the mind, as well as obstacles, decisions, difficulties and power.

Representing the spark of life, spiritual force, inspiration, aspirations, principles, willpower and passion.


The Chakra cards represent the energy centres of the body. If one of the chakra cards appears in your reading it’s a reminder to be aware of that particular energy centre and the qualities it represents.

Being a qualified colour therapist these cards suit me perfectly. I feel it’s important to find balance emotionally and physically. Colour highlights how we are feeling and what is holding us back. I will show you some actions to take and techniques to use to improve your overall wellbeing.

Your Reading is more of holistic experience than ‘just having your cards read’.

You may decide to start a gratitude journal which I find really raises your vibe.

Many clients go on to have EFT Confidence and Wellbeing Coaching if it comes to light that limiting beliefs, fears or trauma are preventing you from happiness or success.

EFT is the most powerful technique I use with clients that keep repeating unhealthy patterns and feel stuck. www.heidiwells.com 

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