Psychic Spiritual Readings

Readings open your eyes to what’s going on around and within you. I’m sure you’re ready for new doors to open. Readings can help open your awareness of the signs, synchronicities and messages you may otherwise miss.

In my experience, nothing’s set in stone. We look at influences surrounding you which highlight the potential of the path you’re on. Will it bring you happiness and success – that sort of thing. If not, we can delve deeper and find a better option!

I use some fabulous spiritual tools to guide you in the right direction. Sometimes a loved one in spirit may also wish to give you a message, but remember if your Uncle Jack the gambler and womaniser comes through to give you his love that’s perfect, but you may not wish to take his guidance!

Time flies by when you’re having a Reading and it doesn’t make any difference if you come to see me or if we’re connected via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype.

Get clear about what you wish to achieve and have a written list of questions ready. Be relaxed and open-minded and in a private place where you are free to talk and have a notebook handy.

Blown away by her accuracy

Heidi is the best Psychic I have encountered and I’ve been back to her numerous times over the past few years in times when I have felt I need a bit of spiritual guidance. I trust her whole heartedly and can always rely on her advice.

I have been blown away by her accuracy every time. I can’t recommend her enough – I’ve even started gifting my friends and family with vouchers for her services as Birthday/Christmas Presents!

I appreciate the sense of humour that Heidi brings to her readings, I always leave feeling uplifted and inspired. She has a wonderful way of combining her natural intuitive gift with her skills as a Life Coach so you really get a lot out of your session as well as some homework for self improvement. 

– Nadene K, Designer

1hr Psychic Reading – Spiritual Coaching £90

via Zoom, Skype or Facetime