Red Colour Therapy Glasses




Red Colour Therapy Glasses

These glasses promote strength, pioneering spirit, courage, physical energy, alertness, sense of power

This colour is for you if you wake up tired. It may mean that you need more physical strength and vitality. If you have trouble in reaching your goals, procrastinate or lack motivation. Red, the colour of the root chakra builds your inner confidence and willpower so you can participate in life and manifest your dreams into reality. Red is for that extra push and for grounding.

Disclaimer: Colour Therapy is a complementary therapy and is in no way to be taken as medical advice – please seek professional guidance for any medical conditions.

Important Note:
Before wearing Red Colour Therapy Glasses to drive, please ensure they do not change the colour of the traffic signals such as traffic lights or brake lights. Everyone’s vision is different so we cannot say which ones are safe for driving. Some colours, especially darker ones may make objects hard to see. If you are in any doubt, do not wear these glasses when driving.