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My favourite Oracle Cards

My favourite oracle cards

I love using oracle cards with my readings and I love these three decks, although I will be posting more about other decks later.

‘Psychic Tarot’ Deck by John Holland

Like most oracle readers I have been collecting different decks over the last 25 years. And I’m always on the look out for new inspiring decks that resonate with me. I found the wonderful ‘Psychic Tarot’ many years ago and I love it. The pictures are gorgeous and contain lots of detail, although they are nothing like the traditional tarot in looks or feel. I have to say I am not a huge fan of traditional tarot myself. They really do provide amazingly accurate readings and are a pleasure to use. Included are the seven chakra cards which fit in beautifully with my readings and coaching when I work with the emotions. This deck doesn’t use reversals which suits me as my readings alway focus on the positive aspects and the learning behind them. I would highly recommend this deck to anyone who has been having difficulty learning the tarot but would like to work with a pretty easy to learn alternative.

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Loving everything Angelic, I have been a fan of Doreen for years and have been lucky enough to meet her and attend her events. I’m also a have done her Angel Readers Certificate which was great fun. What’s great about this deck is that a beginner can use it and receive powerful life purpose guidance. All the cards have lovely pictures and two or three lines of guidance on the front, so no heavy learning involved. Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael are amongst the teachers and they really are spot on. There are 44 cards in this deck and are easy to handle. Certainly one for your collection!

So, I just pulled a card from this deck for myself as I embark on this new blogging venture which is quite out of my comfort zone – but hey and guess what –  the card I picked was ‘Books’ and the message ‘Your life purpose involves writing, reading, editing or selling spiritually based books’ Now you really couldn’t get better than that!

Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno

I just absolutely adore these cards, the pictures are amazing, so deep and meaningful. They have a very different feel than the Doreen Virtue cards. You can immerse yourself in these cards and spend a while meditating on the powerful images with the rich colours and intricate detail. They are described as ’45 Gaia inspired images designed to bring peace and healing – 45 powerful heartfelt messages that offer guidance and clarity and 45 self-empowering affirmations to help you fulfil your dreams’ – sums them up perfectly. The guidebook gives lots of information and contains the affirmations to go with each card (good for putting into your gratitude journal). The cards have a main message and a line of text underneath giving you instant clarity. Another all time favourite!

Thought I would pull a card from this deck as well as I find it’s so interesting to use different cards to get other perspectives. My card was ‘The Search – Feeling lost, confused, lonely’ and it has been so true for me lately, knowing that I need to explore new avenues but not quite sure of the best direction. Here are a few lines from the guidebook which is also included in the brilliant app (which I use so much for myself), Very soon now the light will shine upon you and a new cycle will begin, full of new ideas, new inspirations, perhaps even a new love of some kindBring that one on! This is the affirmation ‘All is well in my life, I give thanks for the changing seasons, In solitude I grow stronger and wiser, my mind is clear, my heart is open, I am always on the right path. Marvellous stuff! reminding me how important a few minutes reflections and meditation are – off for a bit of mind calm right now.

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