‘Welcome To The Present Moment’

Are you living in the future, or constantly thinking, worrying and planning for the future – the future that never comes. There is only one moment to live and that moment is now – yes right now as you are reading this. Many of us never stop even for a minute to really enjoy the present moment and that is where mindfulness comes in!

I know I did, until I started practicing Mindfulness everyday – but you actually have to do it for it to work! But it has changed my life so much that I decided to train to become a Mindfulness Teacher so that I could help you to gain more peace, clarity and happiness in your lives.

Life is so much nicer now, it is my choice to take a few moments in times of stress to become aware of my breath and to be kinder to myself.  I have learnt to appreciate things and people so much more – so if you recognise any of the statements below – then Mindfulness will be of great benefit to you too.

  • Are you constantly juggling and being pulled from pillar to post?
  • Ever got to work and wondered if you have shut the front door? well that’s automatic pilot!
  • Does your day run away with you?
  • Do you find yourself stressed and snappy?
  • Every wonder where the last week, month, year, decade went?Spiritual readings and positive mindset coaching with Heidi Wells, your Psychic Coach in Twickenham or via Skype call 0771 4257461
  • Do you get sucked in to thoughts such as ‘what if’ and ‘if only’?
  • Are fears from the past holding you back?
  • Do worries for the future stop you from fully enjoying today?
  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed and over-reacting?
  • Are you experiencing low mood and frustration?

The Benefits of Mindfulness:

  • You feel happier and more at peace
  • Your stress levels fall – leading to improved health and mood
  • Your communication skills improve
  • You understand that thoughts aren’t facts
  • You become more compassionate and accepting of yourself and others
  • Enhances your creativity
  • Allows you to enjoy more harmonious relationships at home and at work
  • Enhances your intuition making you more self-aware
  • You can make better decisions by being less reactive and more responsive
  • Can help decrease pain, stress and anxiety levels

Enjoy your Life – Every Precious Moment