Guidance and Insight for 3rd May 2017. Spiritual readings and positive mindset coaching with Heidi Wells, your Psychic Coach in Twickenham or via Skype call 0771 4257461

Intuitive Guidance Cards Revealed 3rd May 2017

I invite you to connect with the meanings of the card you have chosen and the intuitive guidance. Relax and embrace the guidance, insight or healing you gain from it. With this knowledge reflect on your best course of action.



How will this guidance help you for the following week? Spend few moments connecting with your heart and gently reflect on the meanings below, or tune-in to the card yourself. Ask yourself ‘what action can I take, either physically, emotionally or mentally?’

1.  The Sun

A joyful and positive card, a time for well-deserved relaxation. The Sun also predicts holidays and trips, a time to find peace and contentment in a place which nurtures and inspires you. The pressure will end and you can finally unwind. Appreciate your success and enjoy the harmony that surrounds you. How about starting a gratitude journal?

2. Five of Wands – Competition

This card represents competition, conflict and tension, a time when you may feel overwhelmed by other people’s opinions and agendas. A demanding time at work, home with family or colleagues. You may be overloaded with things to do, e.g. emails, phone calls or meetings which pull you in different directions. This card may also reflect internal confusion and this card guides you to ‘breath’ and find the most comfortable options. Look after your own interests before healing and helping other people.

3. Queen of Cups – Sensitivity

Now is a great time to focus on friendships and family. Tune-in to your nurturing side and trust your emotional intelligence when making decisions. You may have a heightened sense of the needs of people around you – embrace your own sensitivity. Allow yourself space to get creative, use your imagination or take yourself off to enjoy some music or art. If single, you may now be emotionally ready for love!