I have renewed confidence and drive

The advice and direction you gave me has motivated me to achieve the goals I want in life. You have given me the confidence and drive. Thanks a million, what a gift you have. I don’t think you realise how much of a good influence you have had on me. I have started the ball rolling on a couple of things already. Please continue to have this positive effect on people. The world needs more of it.
My family and friends have continued to comment (positively) about me. Not just my appearance but my energy and positive outlook. I don’t know what it is that has turned my whole way of thinking but I like it and it’s like you said “the time is right” for me.  Again, many thanks Heidi.– Peter M.

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Uplifting and inspirational

“Heidi and I connected as soon as we met and I was really looking forward to having an angel reading with her. The reading was amazing, so uplifting and inspirational. I had some very direct messages which related to my life and a lot of encouragement to make changes to find greater personal fulfilment. I felt completely different afterwards as if I was setting off on a new and exciting path with some spiritual, loving guidance.” – Sara S.

Feeling positive and empowered

“I first visited Heidi when I was was suffering from bad anxiety after going through a challenging time in my personal life. On first meeting Heidi, i instantly felt at ease as she is a warm and welcoming lady. The reading with Heidi was relevant, accurate and enlightening. I instantly knew I’d made the right decision coming to see her as I left my reading feeling positive and optimistic about the future. Heidi suggested different tools and techniques for me to take away which helped me with my healing process which I embraced following the reading.

Six months on, I have overcome majority of the issues I was dealing with and I genuinely feel like a new person. I recently visited Heidi for a 2nd reading, not because I felt like I needed further help or guidance, but because I just felt the urge to see Heidi. On turning up for my 2nd reading Heidi was surprised I had returned since she felt I had great energy and was doing well. During this reading, Heidi highlighted all the big changes I’d recently made in my life, reinforced that I was on the right path and to stop doubting my abilities, which I am guilty of. Once again I left my reading feeling positive and empowered. We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by negativity and just being able to sit down and talk to someone who has the natural ability to reinforce positivity is priceless. Thank you Heidi.” – Bhav P.

Blown away by her accuracy

Heidi is the best Psychic I have encountered and I’ve been back to her numerous times over the past few years in times when I have felt I need a bit of spiritual guidance. I trust her whole heartedly and can always rely on her advice.
I have been blown away by her accuracy every time. I can’t recommend her enough – I’ve even started gifting my friends and family with vouchers for her services as Birthday/Christmas Presents!I appreciate the sense of humour that Heidi brings to her readings, I always leave feeling uplifted and inspired. She has a wonderful way of combining her natural intuitive gift with her skills as a Life Coach so you really get a lot out of your session as well as some homework for self improvement. 
Heidi truly changed my life and gave me hope when I had none – I can’t thank her enough for her positive influence on my life.Nadene K.

Highly accurate

‘I’ve just had my first Reading with Heidi and she accurately picked up on my current situation without me saying anything about myself. She even picked up on my husband and the ongoing saga with his shed! Heidi gave me good guidance and advice on ways to help myself. I feel so much calmer and will definitely be seeing her again and highly recommend her Readings to everyone’.Megan T June 2021

1hr Empowering Psychic Reading £90

via Zoom, Skype or Facetime

Insightful and accurate

‘Each time I have seen Heidi, her advice and guidance has been invaluable, and her readings incredibly astute. Her ability to understand situations and link together the different areas of my life have been both insightful and accurate. Her mediumship skills are brought through into the readings in a gentle yet clear way, allowing me to consider my options and decisions for next steps. The accuracy of her advice has proven second to none, and I look forward to working regularly with her. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone considering their current life, or to help move forward. Thanks Heidi!’ Emily J 

Sincere and kind

“I met Heidi over Christmas during a painful separation when I desperately needed guidance and support. Her energy, compassion and warmth was second to none and her wise words of wisdom and experience is just what I needed. I’m grateful to have met someone as sincere and kind as Heidi during such a difficult time and I thank her for her time, energy and authenticity. I cannot recommend her enough.” – Ria P.

I’m feeling wonderful

‘I wasn’t sure what to expect from my session, but I’m so glad I booked my reading with Heidi. I connected with her instantly and she gave me a much needed affirmation that someone I was close to but lost was still with me as well as talking me through different life situations for me in work and my relationship. I felt so happy when I left her and thank her so much for giving me such a wonderful feeling. Thank you, Heidi!’ Ann B.

A sense of direction

I came to see Heidi for a reading and didn’t know what to expect. I felt compelled to write a testimonial. I was blown away by what she had said about a man I loved very much, who died young. The things Heidi said were jaw dropping. It gave me great comfort to know that he is still with me, but in spirit. I also had questions about work and relationships. Heidi picked up on what’s happening at work at the moment (again she was spot on) and where I will be in the future. Also relationships and what there is to look forward to. I was given very good advice on how to improve my life and my confidence.

You can only come away from Heidi’s home feeling focused and with a sense of direction. I have already started telling my friends and family just how brilliant Heidi is. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Heidi is also a lovely warm and caring person to be with.  Clare B.

Accurate and insightful

It took me time to have the courage to go for a Reading, but when talking with Heidi I felt instantly reassured. The Reading was very accurate and insightful. I felt uplifted and positive during and after and I’m very much looking forward to my next one. Thanks Heidi Emily S.

Incredibly helpful

“I have just had an Intuitive Reading with Heidi and wow it was amazing. Spot on, insightful and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend her for any area of your life that you are wanting some answers for. – Nicky Davies

Great rapport

“I have had two readings with Heidi, always when I was facing big changes in my life and need to get some guidance towards the direction I was contemplating. Heidi creates a great rapport and instantly puts you at ease and wants to understand how she can best help you get clarity to the dilemmas you currently face. I found both the readings really insightful and very accurate indeed, she helped me deal with the challenges I was facing. I have no hesitation recommending Heidi to anyone looking to see some personal insight. – Debbie S.

EFT Tapping with Heidi has helped me find self-love and my self-worth

‘I came for a Reading with Heidi and it highlighted the struggles I was going through – I had no idea of all the limiting beliefs I was holding about myself. I went on to have some EFT Tapping Sessions and week by week I was feeling more confident, I stopped emotionally eating and regained a healthy love and respect for myself. I ended a toxic relationship and have found a lovely guy – all because I now value myself . Above all…. Heidi predicted this on the reading we did the first time we met. I remember the path the cards showed, work on myself, mindset, confused, find the strength to make the right decision and the Love card was right at the end! All this has happened in a matter of a few months – thank you so much!Esta M – May 2019

I already feel the lightness of a tiny shift

Thank you so much for your time and beautiful energy today, already I feel the lightness of a tiny shift happening. It has really helped to bring order to my head full of muddled thoughts. Sam

Invaluable guidance and advice

I just wanted to say thank you so much again for my reading with you Heidi, you are an amazing psychic and were completely spot on with everything. I also found your guidance and advice invaluable, you have such a positive and uplifting presence and have really helped to give direction back into my life with a much needed boost. I am now putting all of your suggestions into action and really looking forward to the future. Much love, Laura K,

1hr Empowering Psychic Reading £90

via Zoom, Skype or Facetime

A true blessing

‘Thanks Heidi for an emotional and extremely spot on reading. Your amazing gift is a true blessing, thank you for sharing it with me. Anyone who’s thinking about attending a reading I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Heidi is extremely professional and puts you at ease instantly.’ S.T

Highly recommend

I arranged a meeting with Heidi towards the end of December 2019. I needed some assurance about what was happening in my life at the time. The reading was very accurate and it was as if she knew me very well and what I was going through. I was quite shocked at how accurate she was. If you’re thinking of visiting Heidi, don’t hesitate I would highly recommend her. If you’re looking for answers on a personal level she makes you feel at ease it’s like talking to a close friend who can give you good advice. Thanks Heidi.  Tommy Ryan

Incredibly accurate Reading

“I needed help to understand a situation that had arisen and Heidi explained the reason for it and guided me forward to make the most of my opportunities. We looked at some of my beliefs, opened up new ways of thinking and helped me re-affirm my ideas. She is a lovely person to talk to and is incredibly accurate” Sarah E

Life Changing

‘I hesitated booking an appointment with Heidi – Why? She is amazing. If you have any doubts, fears, concerns or suffered trauma then she will be able to help you. Her calm, thoughtful and insightful guidance is already having a profound effect on my life after only a week!” Eleanor S.

Feeling amazingly positive – hit the nail on the head!

‘Hi Heidi, thank you so much for your time today. I found my session so incredibly helpful. I am a little at a crossroads in my life as you know. Before we started the session in detail you ‘hit the nail on the head’ of where I was in life presently which helped me open up the avenues of conversation and cement the decisions that I’m about to make.  I feel amazingly positive about all that is to come and ready to take on the opportunities ahead.

I shall be back again …. once the move is done, to see what the next chapter holds…! Thanks so much again, I really enjoyed it.  You’re a very lovely lady who I found incredibly easy to open up to’. Best wishes, Sarah B.

Gentle and caring manner

‘From the moment my reading began, Heidi tuned straight into the reason for my visit to her with amazing accuracy. She has a gentle, caring manner and her intuitive assessment of my life made me look at it from a different perspective. Simply being around Heidi’s positive energy was uplifting and the advice and suggestions she gave me were both reassuring and practical. Thank you for the guidance, which I am already putting into practice!’ Suzanne B. 

I’m feeling calm and confident

“It was an absolute pleasure to meet Heidi and have her do my intuitive reading. She was extremely accurate and helped me to clarify a lot of things resulting in me feeling extremely calm, confident and with a sense of renewed positivity. I cannot recommend her enough, she is extremely kind and enjoyable to talk to and I very much hope that I will see her again in the future.” Yasmin H. 

Highly impressive reading

‘Heidi is an excellent Intuitive who gave me great insight during my reading, particularly as to how I can look to improve my current situation and also work on my own spiritual development. She has extensive experience and provides practical spiritual guidance and realistic advice. Her psychic knowledge is very accurate and highly impressive. I walked away from the reading with an action plan as well as feeling energised and enthused. Heidi is a very personable lady who exudes lots of positive energy.  She comes highly recommended’.– Roxana W. 

Accurate, understanding and supportive

” I have been going to Heidi for a few years now and every time I have come away feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. She has been very accurate, understanding and supportive on how to help with my problems and makes you feel totally at ease. I highly recommend, thank you”, Sofia T.

Warm hearted and positive energy

“Fabulous Reading with Heidi, she gave me all the relevant information that I needed to clarify my situation. She is very helpful, warm hearted and uplifting with positive energy. The  entire session had a very positive effect on me. THANK YOU Heidi for everything.”– Kahil x

Genuinely uplifting experience

” I had a reading in person with Heidi at her home in Twickenham. Heidi is a lovely person. I sensed her spiritual nature. I soon felt at ease and opened up to Heidi. We started with colour, this was my first experience with the colours and it was very enlightening. I was amazed by Heidi’s intuition and how well she was able to tune in to my feelings. It was a genuinely uplifting experience. I will keep in touch and intend to see Heidi again in the not too distant future.” Dominic B.

Action plan for happiness

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my session, but I’m so glad I booked my reading with Heidi. She gave me some really useful insight into my situation and was able to pinpoint key issues that I was struggling with and was spot on about people in my life and my behaviours. I particularly liked that she suggested useful measures that I could use going forwards. I left with a lot to think about and an action plan for my happiness, which is invaluable. I can’t thank Heidi enough for helping me at a confusing and difficult time.  Best wishes, Ursula.

New possibilities

Dear Heidi, thank you for helping me find some direction in my life. Before I came I was feeling a little lost and my life had no direction. The work we did together as given me some incentives and I have already started to investigate the new possibilities that we discussed. Thank you. Regards, Sean A.

Truly amazing experience

Heidi made me feel at ease from the start as I was a little bit nervous. My Intuitive Consultation was spot on and if you are thinking of having a reading please do go to Heidi. Truly amazing!  Thank you Heidi. Sarah H.

Interesting and insightful

Hello Heidi, I just wanted to thank you for this evening. I found it very interesting and insightful. Much food for thought and good advice to be acted upon and mulled over. I will definitely follow up with you soon. Thank you again, Catherine B.

 A great reading

“I had a great reading with Heidi recently, very accurate and I really appreciated Heidi’s guidance too.  Heidi made me feel very at ease and I will definitely see her again at some point.  Also, I highly recommend her.” Lynne Roberts

I’m feeling confident in setting boundaries

“Dear Heidi, Just a note to thank you for so very kindly spending so much time with me at yesterday’s reading.  Your guidance and insight was most helpful and I’m already putting some of your advice into practice and will continue to do so. You have given me the confidence and resolve to proceed along the path I had in mind and cleared away some of the doubts I had and I also feel more  confident now in setting some boundaries with regard to certain issues. Once again, my grateful thanks to you.”  Annette

My Reading answered many questions

The reading with you was so warm and comfortable, your such a lovely person. You gave me accurate information that has clarified a lot and answered many questions I had. I was really overwhelmed at the end of my reading and the fact you took extra time to give me advice on the next steps. I really appreciated it. I will 100% be back for more readings, you made me feel like I knew you and you have such a friendly face. I have already recommended you to my family and friends you were amazing xx  Chloe Hamilton

A crucial turning point

” I would definitely recommend a reading with Heidi, especially if you’ve never had a reading before.  Her guidance was accurate, insightful and up-lifting. I received advice at a crucial turning point in my life which confirmed some of the answers I was looking for. Plus spiritual advice about where my life should be going and what I needed to do. My mind and heart are now also open to my spiritual guides, faith, angels and my spiritual gifts.”  Thank you Heidi. Denise

Clarity and encouragement

I just had a reading with Heidi. She has such a warm and welcoming energy that immediately puts you at ease. I have been feeling very stuck and she has helped to clarify a situation. She showed me what I could to do to move on. Sometimes when you are in the midst of a situation it is hard to see past it. Her reading was done with so much positivity, advice and encouragement. Heidi really puts her all into her readings. Thank you so much Heidi, I really appreciate it x,  Love and light, Rachael

Thanks for a great readingLisa G, 2019


“I went to see Heidi in the depths of despair after a series of traumas. She really lifted me up and I left in a really positive state, she is so lovely. I am lining up my Reiki next! “Thank you so much xx, Tamazin.

Uncanny! I thoroughly recommend Heidi

At the beginning of of the year, I was at the point of promoting my work onto a freelance basis. I wanted insight as to whether this course of action was likely to be successful.  Heidi gave me some specific pointers, Heidi also gave me insight to a personal and emotional issue which I found very helpful and by the next day I was feeling lighter about the situation already. Apart from some other uncanny things that she picked up on, it was like having my own little private counselling session ! Lovely. I thoroughly recommend Heidi and would go to her again if I ever feel at a crossroads in the future. Thank you Heidi. JC.

Excellent Session

I had an excellent session with Heidi. She is very accurate , trustworthy and extremely insightful. She helped me to understand much more about myself. She gave me invaluable guidance and very practical suggestions. I highly recommend her. Thank you very much Heidi. M Gibbs June 2018

It’s triggered my self-belief

“Dear Heidi, Since my session with you on Friday I settled down and did some incredible healing on myself over the weekend. I believe speaking to you helped me to clarify some important ‘next steps’ and triggered my self-belief and gave me tremendous reassurance of my connection with the beautiful, loving and powerful energies of The Angels. Thank you – and me – for turning up at just the right time.” With love and gratitude, Naz


“Dear Heidi, thank you so much for the reading today it was amazing.” much love, M. R.

Supportive and encouraging

“Heidi was so accurate and informative with her reading for me, she helped reassure me that my situation can be worked through and gave me the hope to carry on. Her assessment of my life and situation was completely spot on and her guidance given in a totally supportive and encouraging way. I have taken on board everything she has said and feel a lot lighter and happier already, thank you Heidi”.” Melanie M

Interesting strategies, I feel like a new person!

‘My life was in a downward spiral before I came for coaching with you. I can’t believe how much my life has moved forward since working with you. I feel like a different person. I have now got more confidence and have applied for the job I have been putting off for so long. I have learnt a lot of interesting strategies and you will be pleased to know that I am applying them to everything. Thank you for challenging me and helping me see things from a different perspective.’ – Gaynor McKnight, Executive Officer DWP

Feeling wonderful

I just had a Skype reading with Heidi. I liked how she was kind and positive. I was impressed with how accurate she was. Even though I was getting so much guidance, I felt we were having a fun chat and I left the session feeling wonderful. Heidi is truly talented as a psychic in addition to being a warm-hearted compassionate person.  Bella: Missouri, America

Insightful and empowering

“I recently had an intuitive reading and coaching session with Heidi. I had reached a crossroads in my life and sought some guidance on how to move forward. I found the reading very insightful, empowering and up-lifting. Heidi is a very gifted psychic/medium and a very supportive, objective coach.” Anon (Solicitor)

Exhilarating and invaluable experience

“My coaching experience with Heidi was like receiving a life vitamin pill. Her sensitivity and insight were astonishing.  With her “You can do this!” attitude and support, she helped me recognise and release the issues holding me back. She showed me how to set myself achievable goals and taught me techniques on tapping into my own source and intuition. This new perspective and fresh approach is allowing me to experience life in a joyful and less inhibited way. All in all an exhilarating and invaluable experience I would highly recommend. ’- Jeanette Brown, Finance Manager

EFT Tapping with Heidi has helped me find self-love and my self-worth

‘I came for a Reading with Heidi and it highlighted the struggles I was going through – I had no idea of all the limiting beliefs I was holding about myself. I went on to have some EFT Tapping Sessions and week by week I was feeling more confident, I stopped emotionally eating and regained a healthy love and respect for myself. I ended a toxic relationship and have found a lovely guy – all because I now value myself . Above all…. Heidi predicted this on the reading we did the first time we met. I remember the path the cards showed, work on myself, mindset, confused, find the strength to make the right decision and the Love card was right at the end! All this has happened in a matter of a few months – thank you so much!Esta M.

Heidi is an expert in her field

“Meeting Heidi was an extremely motivating experience for me. She was very warm and welcoming and made me feel at ease very quickly. Heidi gave me the guidance that I was looking for and answered all my questions. I loved the fact that she used an array of spiritual tools – it kept the reading very interesting and also confirmed a lot of answers that kept coming up for me. I would highly recommend Heidi as she is a great expert in her field. Thank you, I really appreciated the time you spent with me.” Raj x

Gave me back my confidence

“Heidi has given me the confidence I had lost, she is a wonderful reader and gave me the spiritual guidance I needed. She made me aware of the different options and opportunities to make my life better. She is warm and healing. She was spot on  with where my life was and she showed me the path to happiness. Thank you so much, I will definitely come back.” Wendy W.

Hope and confidence

“Hi Heidi, thank you for your reading today. I am very grateful for your support and guidance, you have given me hope and confidence that I had lost due to my situation. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for guidance.” With love , Pam Patel

Helpful and caring

I went to Heidi and she was extremely helpful and very caring. Her advice was clear and really had a positive effect on me. I will definitely go to her again as she is spot on with telling you what you can do to improve any situation. She is not your average psychic as she forms more of a friendship bond with you.” Thank you– Askar

Confident and relaxed

“Hi Heidi, thank you so much for my reading, it gave me the guidance I needed. It also confirmed a lot about myself. I walked away feeling more confident, it was a really good experience. I felt really welcomed and relaxed and came back feeling very positive.” Thank You – K Patel

Spot on and my husband is now a believer

“Thank you so much for the  readings that you did for both my husband and myself. You were spot on for both of us and even picked up on a family issue that my husband is having with his son. You didn’t ask personal questions but were still able to pick up on so much that is going on in our lives at present. We will definitely be coming back and thank you again for all the support and reassurance you gave us. My husband arrived a non-believer but left very much a believer.”  Michelle Y

In-depth reading I’m feeling relaxed and focused

“My meeting with Heidi was certainly a lovely experience, I felt so comfortable and relaxed from the moment I stepped into her home. Heidi is very talented and does not focus on just one area of your life, she covers as much as possible and is very patient. The readings were in-depth and the knowledge & variety of spiritual cards that were offered to me focused on so many different areas and emotions. I came away feeling relaxed, focused & even though I have a lot of self learning to do, I will be back & look forward to seeing you again.” Much Love – Sonia xx

Helped more than you can imagine

“My reading with Heidi was amazing! It was very accurate with what is happening in my life at the moment and what I wanted to know, which confirmed a lot and has given me strength and belief. I came away feeling relaxed, reassured and at peace. Heidi you explained in depth my chosen cards and my questions, even though we ran well over time you made me feel very welcome. Your talent at what you do gave you the insight to pick two green heart crystals before I came and kindly asked me to chose one – which symbolised and summed up my reading.

I will be seeing Heidi again – thank you so much Heidi it has helped me more than you can imagine and things are already moving in the direction of what we spoke about. Kind regards and see you in 6 months!”  T Saunders

I’m feeling positive, Heidi is honest and helpful

“Just had a reading with Heidi, and found that she was extremely helpful, honest and very welcoming. She talked things through with me and really broke down what I needed to do. She made me feel positive about all the areas in my life I came to question. Not at one point did she tell me that she knew what was best, she kept reminding me that I was in control and she was only helping not directing.Unlike other readings I didn’t only come back with positive energy but she also gave me homework too. I would definitely go to her again.” Love Poonam

A new positive outlook

“I visited Heidi last week and came back feeling very very positive and peaceful. Heidi was very accurate in pointing out my problems and guided me in a better way to deal with them. Her advice has been most helpful giving me a whole new positive outlook . Thank you so much for the help. God bless and thank you.” A Rao

Feeling calm and reassured

“I was put at ease by Heidi straight away I couldn’t believe what she had written down before I got even there! Heidi was spot on with her reading and gave me positive advice about what I can do to help myself in the future.  I felt calm and reassured by Heidi’s presence.  I would highly recommend Heidi – I thought she was wonderful.  Thank you” Anne Roake

Amazingly accurate

“I have had both Psychic Tarot and Angel card readings with Heidi and both times they have been amazingly accurate! Heidi is a natural, with a genuine talent” Julie Winstanley

Great experience

“Hello Heidi! Thank you so much for last week, was a great experience and something I look forward to doing again in 6 months time! I took a lot away from the reading!” A M

Pertinent and insightful

“Heidi has completed angel readings for me on several occasions, and each time the information she provides has been both pertinent and insightful. She often brings me a new perspective to the issue at hand, and I always find her advice helps me to move forwards when I am faced with a challenge. Occasionally, Heidi receives communication from power animals, as well as from her angels and guides. In one of my readings, Heidi introduced me to an especially pertinent message from a new power animal, one to whom I had not previously been connected. The timing of that intervention could not have been more appropriate, and I deeply value Heidi’s assistance at such critical moments on my life path. Much love, Samantha New-Fielding

A big help

Hi Heidi, thanks for my reading the other night, it was a big help to me and the first time I had one. Everything you mentioned to me was right on the money in my life. I will take a lot from it and it will stand me in good stead with how I want to progress in my life, thanks again. Scott R

More than just a Reading

‘I have had many reading’s with Heidi over the phone in the passing years but today I finally met her in person. She is warm, welcoming and makes you feel at ease. She will speak the truth that’s given to her and help you see the positive in a given situation. Her guidance is supportive and in the past what she has told me has manifested. Today’s reading helped me a lot and I know it will only better my future. I would also like to say that Heidi goes beyond just reading – she will make sure you are feeling in a better place when you leave her or finish the conversation.’ I would highly recommend Heidi. Muniral N.

Helped me to stop, breathe and relax

Hi Heidi, thanks again for the reading, it has really helped me to stop, breathe and relax and take this time to focus on myself.  Mary W

Understanding and compassionate

“I had a reading with Heidi and found her to be very accurate and precise. She didn’t know a thing about me, yet she tuned in to my current situation without any prompting from me and she was absolutely spot on! The detail and clarity I got was amazing and very accurate. She gave me such hope during a very difficult time and I found it so incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend Heidi if you need some direction and guidance in your life. She is excellent and very understanding and compassionate in the way she conducts her readings too. Thank you so much Heidi. You have a wonderful gift”.  Sianne H

I’ve felt so much better since my message from Grandad

“I was apprehensive of what to expect before my Angel Card reading and was completely new to the whole experience. Heidi was a extremely welcoming person and made sure that she made me feel extremely comfortable and took the time to explain all of the cards and techniques she displayed in front of me. I took a lot away from my angel card reading, I felt like for the first time I had closure on a situation that had bothered me for a long time and that every card that was placed in front of me was significant and held a substantial meaning and will help me with my past and future.

Heidi is a pure talent, a wonderful physic and I will be going back to see her every 6 months and keeping in touch with her throughout the future. The energy of which she produces is unlike anyone else I have met, I walked out of the room feeling completely different to how I walked in.” I told mum about the message from my Grandad I could see the message effected her in a good way and I have felt soooo much better about everything!!!!! Thank You again”  – Lauren Brockwell

Practical and helpful

“Really enjoyed my Reading, Heidi immediately tuned in to two key areas that are particularly relevant in my life just now. Not only was her reading accurate, but she also provided a number of practical and helpful suggestions to help me move forward. I Thank you, Heidi.”  Sue Maggott

Heidi has great integrity

“My reading with Heidi was totally accurate, which is pretty amazing in this field. There was nothing she said that did not apply to my current situation, and she knew nothing about me before the reading. I was also given some encouragement and good advice and, after the reading, felt uplifted and encouraged. Heidi is also very easy to talk to and has great integrity in her work. I am happy to recommend her.”  Very best wishes – Helen Jones.

Clear and concise

“Heidi is a warm and inviting lady who I had previously visited for Colour Therapy that helped me tremendously. I was a bit dubious about having a Tarot reading but I was quickly made me to feel at ease. I really needed some clarity to a situation that had pained me for some time. Heidi’s reading was clear and concise and helped me to make a big decision in my life. This has since worked out brilliant for me! I am so glad to have met Heidi, it is fantastic knowing that her Tarot readings offer such guidance and advice, I will definitely come back for another reading in the future, I thoroughly recommend her! “ Sarah-Jane Brown

Warm and uplifting

“I received a very reassuring Angel Card and Colour Reading from Heidi. It was a very warm and uplifting experience, full of accuracies about my current state of wellbeing as well as giving very helpful indicators about what I can do to enhance my life and continue on my journey. Heidi is very insightful and intuitive and I particularly like her use of colours for healing.

Everything Heidi said resonated with me and especially helpful to me was the truth that I had been ‘giving out too much’ and ‘not allowing myself to receive’, also that I should use art strongly in my work. Heidi has the natural gift of clairvoyance. I highly recommend Heidi to anybody seeking guidance and healing in their lives.” Clare Sloss

Insightful and rewarding

“Heidi was a genuinely warm and welcoming person, my experience with her way both insightful and rewarding. She offered me a great deal of advice and guidance which I will no doubt adopt going forward. I would highly recommend a visit.” – Neena, Windsor

Life impacting stuff

“I had a great Reading! thank you…very precise with the information. I really appreciate the detail and encouragement that came through in my reading. Life impacting stuff! “Brenda S, USA

Excellent reading

“Thank you so much for this excellent reading. I am sure anyone would benefit greatly from your readings, as I have. I would recommend it for anyone, whether they be concerned about their future, present or past. Who wish confirmation and guidance to stay on the right path for their growth.I am very pleased with the reading and it does allay worries that I have been experiencing. Blessings, ” – Reverend Aimie Halo Foster, USA

I felt totally at ease

“Heidi has the most amazing positive energy and a real ability to make you feel totally at ease and safe at all times throughout her sessions. She is genuinely compassionate and considerate and extremely intuitive. She is also an incredibly listener and I truly felt as though I could say anything to her during our phone session. She immediately tuned in to exactly what was going on for me with incredible accuracy helping me to release anything that was holding me back from reaching my full potential and living my life to the full.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the experience and would recommend Heidi’s work to anyone who feels they have blocks in moving forward in life or who would like to work on shifting anything they feel may need to be healed or released. Keep up the great work!” – Sian Hill, Senior Project Manager

Truly gifted

“Dear Heidi, I was absolutely amazed by your reading! Without me telling you anything, you picked up immediately on my dog and you pinpointed for me what the problem with her is, thank you for pointing these things out to me. You also very accurately picked up on family issues going on, and accurately described issues that I have in my career. You are truly gifted and an amazing psychic. I’ve already recommended you to my sister and I will be telling my friends about you. I recommend you to everyone. There aren’t sufficient words to thank you, Heidi, you are a blessing.” Love, Rhea – USA-

Positivity, guidance and encouragement

‘I just had a reading with Heidi. She has such a warm and welcoming energy that immediately puts you at ease. I have been feeling very stuck and she has helped to clarify a situation and show me what I need to do to move on. Sometimes when you are in the midst of a situation it is hard to see past it. Her reading was done with so much positivity, advice and encouragement. Heidi really puts her all into her readings. Thank you so much Heidi, I really appreciate it.’ Rachael Q

Happy and uplifted

‘A friend recommended Heidi to me and i went to see her last week, well to say she was spot on is an understatement. I was very nervous as it was my first ever reading! and straight away Heidi made me very welcome and explained to me how she worked and this made me feel very as ease.
I left her home feeling happy and uplifted, the reading flowed well and the messages i got were just what I needed. I cannot wait for my next reading with Heidi’. Sue G

Feeling motivated

Great to see you, and thanks for such an insightful reading yesterday. I feel really motivated now! Thanks, Liz Kendall

Some great practical tips

Dear Heidi, thank you very much for your Angel Reading! You gave me a lot of about myself and things I personally can change to live a happier life. Practical tips for working with colour healing and gratitude. The guidance I received is a great support in my current process.” Thank you, Silke

Powerful information

“Hi Heidi, thank you for the reading, it is very much what is going on in my life right now, and I feel I have some powerful information to take things to the place I am desiring to be. I wasn’t sure what it would be like over email, and I feel like you are right on around so many things. thank you so much for this special gift!” Antonia Nelson


“Heidi gave me a very nice reading which proves to be very accurate. This was infused with inspirational coaching in a very pleasant environment. I would recommend Heidi to all my friends for either her psychic or coaching services. You come away feeling very inspired and positive. Ginny (Yell review)

Secure, grounded and renewed energy

During the sessions Heidi showed me how colour affects me every single day – from the clothes I wear to the rooms I live and work in. She also showed me how I spend too much time in my logical left brain and need to trust and unleash my intuition and natural insight more.

From working with Heidi, I now feel more secure and grounded, an inner sense of peace and calmness and I am confident and optimistic about the future. I also have renewed energy and enthusiasm for my business, a regular practice of inner self-care and a great looking wardrobe! – Heidi always made me feel totally at ease in discussing any concerns and was generous with her knowledge.

She has a huge wealth of knowledge and understanding about her subject and uses a variety of colour energy techniques to help you overcome your fears, your challenges and your blockages in all areas of your life – work, health and relationships.

I came to Heidi’s sessions initially from a place of intrigue, really knowing little about the power of colour and how it can affect us. However, at the time my energy was low and I was running out of enthusiasm for my work. – Karen Revell, Twickenham – Business Coach

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