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Monday Mojo – Keep Focused On Your Goals and Dreams

Affirmation… ‘I give thanks for all the success coming my way All I do, is a co-creation with my higher self and the universal light of love I keep focused on my dreams What I imagine, I create I am grateful for what I have achieved’ Clarity is the single most important key to success. Readings, Coaching and Vision…

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What is EFT Tapping by Craig Weiner DC and Alina Frank

The question of “What is EFT? Tapping” is a common question that can elicit a brief or lengthy response. I will do my best to provide the essential information in response to this query. EFT stands for the Emotional Freedom Techniques. It has also come to be commonly referred to as “tapping” as the techniques involve a gentle tapping or…

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Psychic Readings – What Can You Expect?

Your Psychic Reading It will open your eyes to what’s going on around and within you. I’m sure you’re ready for new doors to open. Readings can help open your awareness of the signs, synchronicities and messages you may otherwise miss. In my experience, nothing’s set in stone. We look at influences surrounding you which highlight…

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Angel Message | Astara | You deserve the best

You deserve the best! Reach for the stars with your dreams and desires and don’t compromise. “In the past you have settled for less than you wanted. But no more. I am here to raise your standards. I am also here to show you that you need not suffer in any way. It isn’t selfish to desire a…

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Angel Message | Lakshmi | Release Fear

Lakshmi  Angel Message of the day ‘This is a kind Universe and everyone within it is working in your favour. There are no tests, blocks or obstacles in your way, except your own projections of fear into your future’. ‘Take a moment and quieten your mind from worries and fears. Feel me brush your brow with a new energy of…

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Connect to your inner wisdom

Connect to your Inner Wisdom When did you last take some time out just to sit, relax and tune in to how you are feeling? Most of us just forget, we are too busy with life happening to us. Sometimes we are afraid to look into our soul because somewhere deep within we know we are not looking after ourselves…

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Get to Know Your Etheric Energy

Etheric Energy Techniques By Anne Jirsch my lovely friend and teacher You are probably already aware that you have an aura and energy field surrounding your body, on the edge of your aura is your etheric energy, a very subtle but strong gossamer like energy that can be used for many things. Most people these days are aware of their…

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What are your creating with your thoughts and actions today? Are your thoughts and desires aligned? You create your life with your thoughts and visualisations so keep them positive and high vibration. To book an appointment with Heidi Wells Psychic Clairvoyant and Happiness Coach in Twickenham or via Skype call 020 8894 7343 / 0771 4257461

Why psychic readings are so popular?

Why psychic readings are so popular? In my experience it all boils down to one thing.. they are not in the right space to recognise their own sixth sense. We all have our own ‘inner guidance system’ but unfortunately very few of us tend to nurture this part of ourselves. We are either too busy, too stressed, too hyper or…

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Guidance and Insight for 3rd May 2017. Spiritual readings and positive mindset coaching with Heidi Wells, your Psychic Coach in Twickenham or via Skype call 0771 4257461

Intuitive Guidance Cards Revealed 3rd May 2017

I invite you to connect with the meanings of the card you have chosen and the intuitive guidance. Relax and embrace the guidance, insight or healing you gain from it. With this knowledge reflect on your best course of action.     How will this guidance help you for the following week? Spend few moments connecting with your heart and…

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