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Get to Know Your Etheric Energy

Etheric Energy Techniques

By Anne Jirsch my lovely friend and teacher

You are probably already aware that you have an aura and energy field surrounding your body, on the edge of your aura is your etheric energy, a very subtle but strong gossamer like energy that can be used for many things.

Most people these days are aware of their aura or energy field and there has been a wealth to show that each and every one of us has an aura. Scientists have been observing the human aura for several hundred years but there is evidence going back much farther, just look at ancient religious paintings and the aura around Egyptian mummies.

Etheric Energy is a light gossamer like silvery energy which surrounds our auras. In my first book Instant Intuition I introduced E.E.T. – Etheric energy techniques and showed the reader how to use EET to tap into people no matter where they were in the world and to find out what they were thinking or feeling. In Instant Intuition I also looked at how you can gain someone’s attention with your Etheric energy. Now we are about to take this a big step forward and discover a whole range of wonderful uses for our own cosmic energy – our Etheric.

But your first step is to become aware of your own Etheric Energy Field.

Getting to know your Etheric Energy

This is the five step process I taught in Instant Intuition. It is important to master this because moving on to the later exercises.

The five-step process

1. First, become aware of your aura and feel its energy. Imagine making it brighter or duller. Now imagine the glow of the Etheric energy surrounding your aura. Once you have an awareness of your Etheric you can do amazing things with it.

2. Imagine moving the Etheric, stretching it. Hold out your arms in front of you and imagine the Etheric stretching way beyond them extending two, three and four metres out in front of you. Now, bring the energy back to your body.

3. Next, allow your Etheric to make a pointy shape on the top of your head and make it point up like a dunce’s hat. Then bring it back. Play around and try out some ideas of your own.

4. This is the important part. Now that you have ‘found’ your Etheric, focus on your solar plexus area and imagine your Etheric forming a shape a little like an arm and allow this to stretch out in front of you.

5. Now think of someone that you would like to tap into. Someone that it would find it useful to know what they are feeling. Now take the Etheric ‘arm’ and gently place the ‘hand’ on their solar plexus. This area is the seat of all emotion and this is where you will find out exactly what you need to know.

Take your immediate impression. Do not censor it.

Try with various people and make a note of any impressions.

I have been lucky enough to train with Anne personally and love the FLP technique – call me on 020 8894 7343 or you can book a reading here.

Published here by permission from my friend the amazing author Anne Jirsch – I highly recommend all her fabulous books.