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Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression is a fantastically easy and relaxing visualisation process. Allowing you to gain powerful insight and guidance to your future happiness.

Future Life Progression takes place in a lovely state of deep relaxation, a light dream state. You’re aware, alert and in control throughout. We explore your most perfect future and bring back guidance and insights of how you got there, and what steps you can take right now.

Connect to your Higher-Self

This is a powerful way to connect with your ‘higher self’, the part of you without any doubts, fears or limitation. We can also look 5 or 10 years into the future and bring back inspiring information to help you make the right choices in order to achieve happiness, health and success.

Exploring alternative paths shows you new opportunities and gives you creative ideas. Future Life Progression allows you to feel the best, most confident, empowered and motivated self. There may be guidance as to what, or who no longer serves you and what you can let go of.

These sessions are highly inspirational and provide deep and meaningful advice, highlighting your full potential. It could be that you are on the right path and just need to make a few tweaks in your life, or you may discover that it’s time for more profound change.

Future Life Progression – I know I’m on the right path!

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Moira Taylor

“Dear Heidi, thank you for the FLP session, I really loved it. It has helped me see how much I have to look forward to and the advice I came back with really resonated with me. I have already started making changes and feel much more optimistic and happy to know I am on the right path. I would highly recommend Heidi and this amazing technique, thanks again’ – Moira T,