EFT Tapping – Mindset Mastery and Emotional Wellbeing


What if your fears, self-doubt and anxiety could just melt away? What if you were no longer triggered by events from your past. Maybe from toxic relationships, unhappy childhoods, lack of career advancement? What if you have it all, but think “one day they’ll find me out”?

Why is it that self-sabotage kicks in just as we’re about to get what we’ve worked so hard for? Why do we screw up the job or the relationship of our dreams and find ourselves being undermined, undervalued or disrespected? Maybe you’ve never dared to pursue your goals for fear of failure or success? Well, I can answer that – somewhere at sometime (maybe during your childhood) you were ridiculed, told to stop showing off, quieten down, speak up, you’re too fat, you’re not smart enough, or were unfavourably compared to siblings, classmates or even work colleagues.

You probably don’t remember when you took on the belief that you’re not good enough in some way. We push these beliefs deep down inside and struggle on regardless. But lurking below, just under our awareness these beliefs create our reality, repeating patterns, negative thoughts and anxiety arises and the consequences always show up somewhere along the way!

The great news is…

That by using the powerful, scientifically proven and truly transformative tapping technique that is EFT Tapping, we can clear past trauma, negative emotions and limiting beliefs. We release the fears, anxiety and blocks that stand in the way of your happiness, confidence, loving relationships and career success.

Clients are amazed at how naturally empowered and confident they feel, no longer weighed down by the past or other people’s opinions.

Try it, you’ll be glad did. This incredibly simple technique (along with my heightened intuition and many years of coaching) truly can change your life – even if you’ve tried everything else!

EFT Tapping Testimonials from Happy Clients…

Everyone has noticed the positive changes

“I decided to work with Heidi after having an Intuitive Consultation, which highlighted my anxiety, stress and the underlying tiggers of why I have been feeling so on edge. I have never thought of getting any help for my traumatic upbringing. I was extremely nervous and unsure of what to expect. I’ve always believed in positive thinking but it just wasn’t helping me let go of the past. My negative emotions where getting the better of me, affecting my relationships and anxiety levels.

Since working with Heidi I’ve started to believe in myself again, restoring my faith that my ideas and thoughts are worthy. My friends, family and work colleagues have all commented on the amazing changes they have seen in me. Saying how much more positive and open I am. I’ve surprised myself that I’ve shared these past traumas that I have never spoken about before, and felt safe enough to do this. I appreciate being able to talk freely, express my emotions and tap through them until they have no emotional charge, it really is fascinating.

I find myself automatically thinking and reacting in totally different ways. I never thought this would be possible, but I’m to able to see my parents with a different perspective. Whatever this tapping is, I can only say, it really does work. It has taken time to work through but it is truly worth it. There are no amount of words that can describe what you have done for me already. From one business women and mother to another, it also reinforces we can be successful without feeling guilty. I continue to work with Heidi and highly recommend her .’ Thank you ” Sara T – Business Owner

I feel liberated

“I cannot thank Heidi enough for the EFT Tapping sessions. Not only did she make me feel better during and after the session but she also introduced me to this whole new technique that would serve me for the rest of my life. I’m already using the tapping exercises on a regular basis whenever I feel like I need it and the results are amazing. I feel liberated from my emotional blockage and peaceful.’ Thank you Heidi ” – L Raivi

Remarkable shifts

“Heidi holds a powerful space safe in which you find emotions arising that you didn’t even know that you had. She is able to guide you deeper into your wounds in a way that is profound whilst fun and loving. When she taps with you she is able to discern the exact words that help you understand and move what’s been blocking you.

She has helped me move beyond patterns that have kept me stuck for many years now. The shift is remarkable. If you are looking for lasting, transformative change then I strongly recommend Heidi”.  P Chana

Life Changing Sessions

Heidi’s expertise in Emotional Freedom Therapy (a.k.a. EFT Tapping ) combined with her intuition and knowledge of other complimentary therapies is life changing. I found that my life had stagnated  – I couldn’t see the way ahead. But with Heidi’s guidance and patience I was able to release blocked emotions that were holding me back. The tapping seemed to have quite an immediate effect. Even after the first session I felt a big shift in my physical and emotional wellbeing as layers of emotions were peeled away as far back as my childhood.

If you are feeling anxious and concerned about the Coronavirus then Heidi will definitely be able to help you. (By reducing your anxiety you increase your body’s ability to fight infection)

I enjoyed and looked forward to my sessions with Heidi. She was professional, thoughtful and very intuitive and her insights into situations were second to none. She has given me back the power and confidence to move my life forward and to enjoy each day at a time. Thank you Heidi – you are wonderful! Eleanor S. March 2020

EFT try it – it works!

“Thank you for the great experience of EFT Tapping. This has really helped my current difficulties and emotional situation. I know it works, when I came to see Heidi I was upset and anxious and when leaving felt at ease with myself. Heidi was very understanding and adapted to my needs. I’m really glad I went to her for help.

I’m going to continue tapping and will continue to see Heidi in the future to look at other aspects of my life. I recommend trying this to everybody, you don’t even realise how your feelings change from negative to positive.”  Thank you Heidi  T. Gill

I feel safe to explore a positive future

“Heidi is a highly experienced Coach, who provides a private and comfortable setting where one feels both confident and safe to explore a positive future – everything being open to possibility.  Heidi’s professional business background, coupled with her sensitive nature and insightful intuition is a winning combination. Thank you Heidi, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.” Sarah H.

I’ve finally let go of toxic relationships, emotional eating and found my self-worth

Before working with Heidi I’d been in a highly toxic and manipulative relationship for 3 years and I couldn’t let it go. I felt lost, stressed and anxious. I was over-eating, had low self-esteem and was really unhappy.

On reflection, I was not being valued because I didn’t value myself very much. After using EFT tapping, my feelings of neediness and guilt are gone and with it the relationship! No more emotional triggers and I feel free!

During the 8 sessions we worked through many issues that I was going through. Lots of things from my past came up, stuff that I hadn’t realised had affected my confidence and self-worth so deeply. I went through a roller coster of emotions during our sessions but always felt safe and in good hands.

Heidi has been really supportive, always ensuring we had finished what we were working on and going over time to ensure I got the most benefit and I am so grateful.

She has been a fantastic Coach and EFT Therapist. Helping me find direction during these months of confusion. I’ve found the clarity and confidence to move forward and feel much happier.

I no longer struggle with emotional eating and even enjoy exercise. I’ve learnt how to love myself and stop putting up with toxic relationships. I’ve done so many things from my “to do list ” which I’d been procrastinating over for ages.

If you’re going through a difficult time, feel unlovable, stuck or anxious like I did – I would highly recommend working with Heidi. My life has changed so much. Heidi is wise, kind, caring and very professional.

Thank you. (Update: Wow! recently met a lovely man and early days of a new, healthy relationship) A Mellor

I’m so happy with the results – I’m no longer triggered by other people’s opinions

When I first started my EFT sessions with Heidi I felt very low and deflated and had pangs of anxiety that would start in my stomach and spread up into my chest.

I had heard about EFT and so came in with an open mind looking to overcome my anxiety and fear of public speaking. Having know Heidi for many years through her Intuitive Consultations and Coaching, I had a lot of trust in her.

I had several realisations during my sessions and I found that EFT cleared away the cobwebs of old unwanted thoughts and feelings that where holding me back. Literally a clear out of my mind. I had been bogged down by other people’s perceptions of me, the decisions they thought I should have made and their judgements of where they thought I should be in life.

EFT has helped support me to look after my emotional state and not be upset or triggered by other people’s agendas and opinions.

I had a big event coming up that I was dreading and I really didn’t want to celebrate. I mentioned this in one of my sessions and unbeknown to me I had a massive emotional blockage around it. It was extremely emotional during the session as I was going back to a very sad event but I felt safe to explore it with Heidi. This was by far one of my biggest break-throughs. I left the session feeling exhausted but with a lot less baggage. Consequently, I ended up organising the celebration with a totally different perspective and had an absolute ball. This was a few weeks ago and I am still feeling the positive effects.

I am very happy with the results. I now feel less exposed emotionally and calmer in myself.

In terms of public speaking, I still have nerves in this area but not anxiety (which is quite normal). Before seeing Heidi if I had to introduce myself to a group of people, my heart would pound so loud that it was all that I could hear. I now feel calmer going into situations where I have to do public speaking and feel I have got my voice back.

Heidi is highly intuitive, has great insight and is a compassionate EFT Practitioner. In my experience EFT is something that can have immediate effect, but releasing some deep held emotions does take time, have patience I’m so glad I did! Doing the Tapping homework also helps.

I would thoroughly recommend working with Heidi,  All the best x

(Update: Got excited when I thought I had to stand up and speak in front of my new colleagues and felt really disappointed to find out I didn’t have to!) 
– Juliet H

A brilliant approach to tackle anxiety, I’m naturally so much more positive now

I was feeling very skeptical about seeing a coach but knew I needed help with my anxiety. Heidi was so warm, welcoming and patient and gave me the confidence to share my feelings without any judgement.

The coaching and EFT sessions have helped me completely change my mindset and I think so much more positively now. The tools and techniques I have learnt will now always be part of my life. I highly recommend Heidi and EFT / Coaching – thank you. Riann T

Dramatically transforming my life

‘I have only recently met Heidi but I can hand on my heart say she is a very very gifted and beautiful soul. I have had both an Intuitive Reading AND I’m on a course of EFT sessions with her and it is dramatically transforming my life . I’m so grateful for being introduced to her. I highly recommend Heidi and what she can offer’. Jen E (April 2020)

Winning combination

“Heidi is a highly experienced Coach, who provides a private and comfortable setting where one feels both confident and safe to explore a positive future – everything being open to possibility.  Heidi’s professional business background, coupled with her sensitive nature and insightful intuition is a winning combination. Thank you Heidi, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.” – Sara H

Confidence and a wealth of strategies

“When I contacted Heidi I was facing major changes concerning my working life which had become relentless and stressful. I had decided to go part time and relinquish my Head of Department role. The reality of the situation however was not as easy as I thought. Heidi was incredibly perceptive about the issues that were holding me back and what my fears were. She used a wealth of strategies and knowledge to give me sound advice. She helped me to listen to my inner thoughts and intuition so as to work out the changes I need to make. I enjoyed all the sessions and I found it so easy to unravel my thoughts to her as she is such a good listener. I have come away with renewed confidence and determination to do what I feel is best for me. I recommend Heidi’s life coaching to anyone who needs help in facing and dealing with life changing decisions.” – A Bryant, Head of Music

EFT The Self-Esteem Solution. Once you have learnt this incredible technique, you can use it everyday in every situations. I look forward to helping tap in to your true worth.

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EFT Tapping & Mindset Mastery Coaching for Business Owners

Many people now work from home and miss colleagues to bounce ideas around with. If you’re struggling to to get clear on your next business decision or idea, I can help.

Looking after your own happiness and wellbeing whilst juggling business and family can be quite far down on the ‘to do’ list! resulting in fatigue and loss of motivation. I also offer one-off coaching sessions if you are looking to tackle a particular issue.

If your emotions are affecting your health, or you feel overwhelmed, undervalued and anxious – come and experience this powerful and effective self-help tool.

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