Creating your inner sanctuary

Creating Your Inner Sanctuary

So, when was the last time you gave yourself permission to relax and recharge?

A place you can always visit in your imagination when you need connection and guidace

Take a few minutes for yourself right now.

Find a quiet place, get comfy, close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. Breathe in gently for the count of 6 and then breathe out for 6 ….simples!

You could add some colour to your breathing. I love to breathe in a bright shimming golden light and release all stress and worries of the day on the out breathe.

Thoughts may flood your mind and that’s normal (unless you’re a monk). Put those pesky thoughts into a bubble and let them float away. Keep at it, the more you practice, the easier it gets.

Creating your own Inner Sanctuary

I came across a lovely idea about 20 years ago and it’s still my go to place when I need peace, inspiration or healing.

Once you’ve created your own sanctuary you can go back any time. It’s your secret place to speak to your loved ones, create your dreams and meet your angels and guides.

Close your eyes, relax and get comfortable. Imagine yourself in a beautiful natural environment. It can be anywhere that appeals to you… in a meadow, on a mountain, in a forest, by the sea or a lake.

Wherever it is, it should feel comfortable, safe and peaceful. Explore your environment, where are you? what can you see? Have you been there before? Is it a sunny day? Can you feel a soft breeze, can you smell the fragrance of flowers, the sea or the forest? Your personal inner sanctuary will hold a special  power for you.

Now really make it your own. To give you a couple of ideas…

My sanctuary is a garden, surrounded by hundreds of colourful flowers, it’s a sunny day, there’s pond in the middle with a water statue of an angel. I have a bench where I can sit and talk with loved ones or my guides. There is a shimmering golden wall all the way around it keeping me safe and protected. To enter my garden I walk down 10 white marble steps and then I feel totally safe and loved.

I hope you enjoy your inner sanctuary… try it and let me know how you get on.

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Heidi x