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Connect to your inner wisdom

Connect to your Inner Wisdom

When did you last take some time out just to sit, relax and tune in to how you are feeling? Most of us just forget, we are too busy with life happening to us. Sometimes we are afraid to look into our soul because somewhere deep within we know we are not looking after ourselves well enough. We feel guilty and delay our quiet time maybe in fear of what we may find – inner wisdom. The place where truth resides.

What if we acknowledge that we are unhappy with our relationship or career? what if we lack the confidence or motivation to change things? best not to look then! But we can’t hide from the niggle at the back of our minds, it will catch up with us sometime somehow. Only when we really know how we feel can we start making small changes.

A little meditation only takes a few minutes and is so valuable (and in the words of a famous cosmetic company – you’re worth it!). Give it a try, take 3 minutes and do some deep slow breathing, put your hand on your heart and allow yourself to just be. If you are struggling as most of us do, I can show you a few quick and powerful ways to connect to your inner wisdom.