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Colour Philosophy

Colour Philosophy – ‘The body’s chemistry is responsive to our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts actually affect a chemical change. Visualising and breathing colour is a mental and emotional way of activating chemical changes in the body’. – Deepak Chopra (Ageless Body, Timeless Mind).


Colour Philosophy

For thousands of years in every culture, colour has been known as a way to change moods, alter energies, and heal the mind and body.

Great thinkers such as Sir Isaac Newton, Goethe, and Rudolf Steiner all believed that colour has beneficial effects on the human body.

Today, thousands of therapists, psychologists, and physicians use colour therapy to enhance their healing methods.

Science has shown the colour not only affects the mind and mood, but has measurable affects on the body. The colour red can increase the heart rate, whereas blue can reduce it. People who have the same illness have demonstrated an aversion to the same colour.

By looking at our individual responses to certain colours, we can learn to use colour to enhance our creativity, energy, and health.

In colour therapy, we use music, scent, and colour to complement each other to bring massive and powerful healing to the body. As a complete stimulus package, we can enhance the inherent effects of colour.

Simple, fun and effective – get some colour into your life!