Be True To Yourself

So, today is the day and wow it has taken me a while. I have been keeping my businesses separate for a very long time. I was scared that if I promoted my coaching and people found out I was a psychic they either wouldn’t take me seriously or book any coaching at all. So instead of just mentoring people to be true to themselves, it’s time to walk my walk and talk my talk.

In the next couple of days my websites and businesses will be truly integrated and I won’t feel like two different people when I am happily networking.

So this is me… Heidi Wells, Psychic Clairvoyant and Emotional Wellbeing Coach.

Life’s too short, never has it been so apparent to me with all the wonderful creative people who have passed away recently. So… 

Who are you? are you pretending to be something that you’re not? or hiding your true light and not showing the word the real you?

Maybe it is time, today, right now to say – this is who I am and **** what anyone else thinks. It may feel awkward and quite scary at first, but your heart, your health and higher self will thank you for it. Believe me it really is a relief!