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Heidi WellsHelping you find clarity and confidence during challenging times…

Whether you’re looking for a new career direction, coming out of a relationship, recovering from burnout, or simply sense it is time to start a new chapter, I would love to help guide you in the right direction.

Now if I may be so bold, I do believe you’ve landed on this page for a reason – or possibly lots of little, ‘keeping-you-up-at-night’, constantly-going-round-in-your-head reasons. Maybe you’re wondering whether your new man’s the real deal, or perhaps you want an insight about your next career move and will be the right one? Well look no further…

Now I know you’re probably thinking ‘what makes you an expert’? Believe me, I’ve had more emotional wobbles than a bowl of jelly, and I’ve definitely had my fair share of break ups, make ups and spiritual wake ups! However, while there might be many things in life I question – like why they haven’t invented a chocolate without calories yet – one thing I know for sure is you can change your life.

Readings give you insight and clarity and then it’s down to you to make the decisions. Create your vision, set your intention and follow through. Positive mindset, self-belief and gratitude raise your ability to achieve your dreams.

Time just seems to fly by when you’re having a reading and it doesn’t make any difference if you come to see me or we are connected via FaceTime or Skype.

Get clear about what you wish to achieve and have a written list of questions ready and remember to ask them! Be relaxed and open-minded and in a private place where you are free to talk and have a notebook handy.

Uplifting, reassuring and accurate

“I’ve met with Heidi twice a couple of years ago through my very close friend. I remember feeling very unstable and without hope at that time of my life. I guess I felt I needed someone to help me to What Kristina Rihanoff had to say about working with Heidi Wells Intuitive Consultant and Emotional Wellbeing Coach. Heidi's sessions were exactly what I was looking for in a time of uncertainty and stress. I found Heidi's guidance uplifting, reassuring and accurate. I'm very happy that I got to work with Heidi and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for clarity and feels overwhelmed by life situations. Heidi Wells psychic readings and happiness coach in Twickenham, call 020 8894 7343 or 0771 4257461understand what was happening with me and around me. Heidi’s sessions were exactly what I was looking for. In that time of uncertainty and stress I found Heidi’s guidance uplifting, reassuring and accurate (as I found out later) and that all things pass and the universe has a great plan for all of us. I’m very happy that I got to work with Heidi and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for clarity and feels overwhelmed by life situations. Professional Ballroom Dancer, Instructor & Choreographer Kristina Rihanoff x x

Insightful & Accurate

‘Each time I have seen Heidi, her advice and guidance has been invaluable, and her readings incredibly astute. Her ability to understand situations and link together the different areas of my life have been both insightful and accurate. Her mediumship skills are brought through into the readings in a gentle yet clear way, allowing me to consider my options and decisions for next steps. The accuracy of her advice has proven second to none, and I look forward to working regularly with her. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone considering their current life, or to help move forward. Thank you, Heidi!’ Emily J 11/2018

So if things aren’t working out for you right now, rest assured, when you have a psychic reading all will become clear. You can look forward to gaining inspiration, insight and ideas to help you create solutions. Just bring an open heart, the desire for change and a sense of humour helps too.

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2 hr Session – 1hr Reading + 1 hr Intro to EFT (Tapping) Session in TW2 or via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype £169

Emotional Freedom Technique is highly effective for panic attacks, anxiety, overwhelm, fear of speaking up, pain and trauma. When we push our feelings and emotions down it causes break-down, burn-out,  physical and emotional health issues, depression, lack of self-esteem and takes away our happiness, success and our ability to maintain loving balanced relationships. Shift the past and find emotional freedom. Self-esteem and anxiety solutions to help you rediscover your true worth.

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More lovely feedback...

 A true blessing

‘Thanks Heidi for an emotional and extremely spot on reading. Your amazing gift is a true blessing, thank you for sharing it with me. Anyone who’s thinking about attending a reading I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Heidi is extremely professional and puts you at ease instantly.’ S.T 

Gentle and caring manner

‘From the moment my reading began, Heidi tuned straight into the reason for my visit to her with amazing accuracy. She has a gentle, caring manner and her intuitive assessment of my life made me look at it from a different perspective. Simply being around Heidi’s positive energy was uplifting and the advice and suggestions she gave me were both reassuring and practical. Thank you for the guidance, which I am already putting into practice!’ Suzanne B 

Feeling calm and confident

“It was an absolute pleasure to meet Heidi and have her do my intuitive reading. She was extremely accurate and helped me to clarify a lot of things resulting in me feeling extremely calm, confident and with a sense of renewed positivity. I cannot recommend her enough, she is extremely kind and enjoyable to talk to and I very much hope that I will see her again in the future.” Yasmin H 

Highly Impressive

‘Heidi is an excellent Intuitive who gave me great insight during my reading, particularly as to how I can look to improve my current situation and also work on my own spiritual development. She has extensive experience and provides practical spiritual guidance and realistic advice. Her psychic knowledge is very accurate and highly impressive. I walked away from the reading with an action plan as well as feeling energised and enthused. Heidi is a very personable lady who exudes lots of positive energy.  She comes highly recommended’.– Roxana W 

If you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed or have self-sabotaging patterns take a look at www.heidiwells.com– helping you shine more brightly.

If you have any questions give me a call on: 020 8894 7343 or text me 0771 4257461 or drop me a line  via my contact page.

Heidi is an experienced Intuitive Consultant, EFT Tapping Practitioner, Emotional Wellbeing and Self-esteem Coach. Based in Twickenham, London or Worldwide online.

By law I have to state that psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only – you create your future with the choices you make.