Tarot Readings

When I first became aware of my psychic gifts, I had a real passion to give Tarot Readings. I use many different decks including Angel and Oracle depending on the client and their situation.

Traditional tarot is a form of divination using a deck consisting of both Major and Minor Arcana cards. It’s exact origin remains a mystery, but many people are drawn to discover it’s secrets. Tarot Readings

Having studied a little traditional tarot I resonate the most with John Hollands ‘Psychic Tarot’ Deck. The colours, symbology, shapes and words immediately tap into my intuition and I love the addition of the chakra cards.

I always use this deck in my tarot readings. Consisting of 65 beautiful cards which connect to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.

The Minor Arcana


Representing business, finances, money, prosperity, earthly possessions, material gain or loss and security.


Representing relationships of the heart, feelings, desires, emotions, love and joy.


Representing communication, thoughts, intellect, ideas, the working of the mind, as well as obstacles, decisions, difficulties and power.


Representing the spark of life, spiritual force, inspiration, aspirations, principles, willpower and passion.

The Chakra Cards

The Chakra cards represent the energy centres of the body. If one of the chakra cards appears in the tarot reading it’s a reminder to be aware of that particular energy centre and the qualities it represents.

Being a qualified colour therapist these cards suit me perfectly. I feel it’s important to find balance both in our everyday life and our emotions. Colour highlights how we are feeling and what is holding us back. I will show you actions to take to improve your overall wellbeing.

I have many wonderful decks, including Angel Cards learn more about them here.

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