Colour Personality Chart

The 1st colour is the colour of the day, representing the colour you came into this life with and your basic nature.

The  2nd colour is the colour of the month and represents the best tools to work with for a smooth journey.

The 3rd colour contains the energies that you need for this life, what you are here to learn.

The 4th number describes your overall personality and your innate strengths.

Discover your colour personality – using your birth date.

Your colour personality outlines your key characteristics and may answer some of your questions about how and why you act in the ways you do. Many clients like to have their partners colour personality chart done – which can be of great assistance in understanding each other which can lead to a more harmonious relationship. You can also find out the colour personality of your children.

Please email me direct with your birth date and you will receive a pdf with your chart within 48hrs – if you would like a further information please call me.