Your Big-Bounce Back Package

‘Your Big Bounce-back’ 4 x 1 hour Sessions in person or via Skype

We all need a little help and support sometimes. If you’ve been going through a difficult time, feeling confused and lost, then this package is for you. Investing time to find yourself and re-discover your zest for life.

Embrace your gifts and talents again and your connection to the Universe.

This short package gives you exciting ways of reconnecting with your purpose and making your desires a reality.

4 x 1 hour sessions with me either in person or via Skype.

A Psychic Reading, Future Life Progression Visualisation and two and Love Your Life Coaching sessions. We take the guidance and insight you receive and turn it a solid do-able inspiring plan of action.

I also offer email support throughout this short coaching this programme. 

Price: £333

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Please drop me a line through my contact page or call me to arrange the date.

Look forward to connecting with you.