etheric energy

Get to Know Your Etheric Energy

ETHERIC ENERGY TECHNIQUES By Anne Jirsch You are probably already aware that you have an aura and energy field surrounding your body, on the edge of your aura is your Etheric energy, a very subtle but strong gossamer like energy that can be used for many things. Most people these days are aware of their aura or energy field and…

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why have a Psychic Tarot Reading?

Why have a Psychic Tarot Reading?

Why do people want a Psychic Tarot Reading? In my experience it all boils down to one thing..they are not in the right space to recognise their own sixth sense. We all have our own ‘inner guidance system’ but unfortunately very few of us tend to nurture this part of ourselves. We are either too busy, too stressed, too…

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Relax & Pick a Card – Intuitive Guidance 3rd May

Take a breath, and intuitively pick one of the cards – don’t take too long or your logical mind will over-ride your intuitive feelings. I invite you to connect with the meanings of the card you have chosen. Relax and embrace the guidance, insight or healing you gain from it. With this knowledge reflect on your best course of…

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7 Ways To Refresh Your Spirit

Be kind to yourself and have a pamper day – know you deserve it Dance, put on loud music and swing those hips Sing, in the bath, shower, car or on stage! Go to the seaside or river and take in the view Meet with uplifting and positive friends Yoga – stretch your body and relax Meditate, breathe and feel…

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Colour & Chakras

Chakras Colour therapy helps you understand your need for certain colours and shows you how to use these colours for healing, relaxation, motivation, energy and inspiration. Would you like physical more energy? A good nights sleep? To be more focused and maintain your concentration? Be able to easily feel relaxed and calm? happy and sociable? Find a more balanced life…

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Ladies look young and vibrant

Once you know your colour palette you will have total shopping confidence! Find out what colours make you look younger and more vibrant! The colours we choose to wear not only affect us, but also everyone that we come into contact with. Most people I know say ‘I have nothing to wear’, but when we go through their wardrobe it…

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Colour Philosophy

The body’s chemistry is responsive to our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts actually affect a chemical change. Visualising and breathing colour is a mental and emotional way of activating chemical changes in the body. – Deepak Chopra (Ageless Body, Timeless Mind).   For thousands of years in every culture, colour has been known as a way to change moods, alter energies…

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There’s no pleasing some people

There really is no pleasing some people! How many times do we put ourselves out for others only to be taken advantage of and have things thrown back in our faces. Well most of us have at sometime or other – but there is a limit.. now, I’m not saying don’t be kind or loving but if this becomes…

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Signs from Spirit

Spirits, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones These are just a few explanations of what you may experience from the parallel World: Have you ever been all alone in your home and all of a sudden you hear a noise? Or there is a familiar scent in the air and a feeling that something isn’t quite right that you just…

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